Relier le mécanisme interne d'attachement à une exposition à la satisfaction de cette exposition : une comparaison entre les primo-visiteurs et les répéteurs

Tourism Management - volume 72, juin 2019
Publié le 26 novembre 2018

Titre original :

Linking the internal mechanism of exhibition attachment to exhibition satisfaction: A comparison of first-time and repeat attendees

Résumé :

This study examines underlying dimensions of place attachment in an exhibition setting and their impacts on attendees' satisfaction. Taking the China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair as a case, this study proposes and tests a serial multiple mediator model in two groups: first-time attendees and repeat attendees. A function-emotion-identity sequence was affirmed for exhibition attachment. Both the direct and mediation effects, as well as the multi-group comparison, were examined. While most of the hypotheses were confirmed, affective attachment played a negative role in predicting exhibition satisfaction, and visiting frequency showed a significant difference in the effect of exhibition dependence on satisfaction. This study provides specific theoretical and managerial implications on attendees' exhibition attachment and exhibition satisfaction.

Auteur(s) :

Xiaoxiao Fu, Xiaoli Yi, Fevzi Okumus, Wenmin Jin

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