Organisations touristiques transformatrices et glocalisation

Annals of Tourism Research, Volume 76, mai 2019
Publié le 1 avril 2019


This paper investigates how self-described transformative tourism practitioners engage with tourists and local stakeholders to provide what they perceive as a transformative experience for tourists via the use of glocalization strategies. Transformative tourism practitioners are constantly in search of nimble and sophisticated processes that acknowledge the viewpoints of both travelers and the local communities. They do this through glocalization strategies, which focus on designing experiences that celebrate the local cultural context while also taking the travelers' worldviews into consideration. An analysis of 37 in-depth interviews and organizational documentation reveals 16 glocalization strategies used to achieve three objectives: establish legitimacy in the local community, break down cultural barriers in the organization, and stage transformative encounters.


Joelle Soulard, Nancy Gard McGehee, Marc Stern

Organisations touristiques transformatrices et glocalisation (article en anglais sur Science Direct)