Le rôle de la langue dans l'évaluation en ligne de l'accueil hôtelier : étude empirique

International Journal of Hospitality Management n°78, avril 2019
Publié le 26 novembre 2018

Titre original :

The role of language in the online evaluation of hospitality service encounters: An empirical study

Résumé :

In an increasingly global travel market, hospitality services encounters involve growing interactions between providers and customers often belonging to different nationalities and cultures and speaking different languages. Extant hospitality management literature has explored the influence of language on service evaluations mostly in offline settings. This study innovatively captures the effect of the language used in online hotel reviews on online consumer ratings in two distinctively different destinations located in culturally different countries: Italy and Russia. Based on almost half a million Booking.com online reviews written by hotel guests in Moscow and Rome, we illuminate if and to what extent domestic vs. foreign language use affects online customer satisfaction. We find that the use of domestic language exerts a positive impact on online ratings in both countries. Implications for hospitality practitioners and managers, developers and managers of online review platforms, and customers of hotel services are discussed.

Auteur(s) :

Marcello M.Mariani, Matteo Borghi, Sergey Kazakov

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