L'emploi dans l'hôtellerie en 2033 : perspective rétrospective

International Journal of Hospitality Management - volume 76 partie B, janvier 2019
Publié le 26 novembre 2018

Titre original :

Hospitality employment 2033: A backcasting perspective (invited paper for ‘luminaries’ special issue of International Journal of Hospitality Management) (H-index and Bio)

Résumé :

Work in hospitality remain a persistent blemish with respect to one of the world’s fast growing economic sectors. Issues are represented across a wide spectrum of indicators and have not changed, in substance, since George Orwell’s challenging musings about the social value of such work in 1933. In this paper, we assess the extent to which change can be evidenced with respect to hospitality employment. We employ backcasting methodologies to delineate where hospitality employment should be by 2033. Finally, we map the steps that will be required to get there and, to achieve this, attribute responsibility to key players.

Auteur(s) :

Tom Baum

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