Faire du tourisme ethnique un avantage pour les pauvres

Annals of Tourism Research, Volume 76, mai 2019
Publié le 15 avril 2019


How can ethnic tourism alleviate rural poverty? Due to the difficulty of simultaneously expanding tourism while promoting pro-poor tourism, most villages traverse one of two developmental pathways: 1) ensuring an inclusive structure before expanding, or 2) expanding before building an inclusive structure. This study compares four comparable cases in Southwestern China to understand the politics behind the decision to choose different pathways, and the impact each pathways has on local residents. While the first pathway requires a careful balance to maintain a pro-poor structure as tourism volume expands, the second pathway presents apparently insurmountable barriers to poverty reduction due to the lack of political will to change the structures of successful tourism industries in ways that include the poor.


Jean Junying Lor, Shelly Kwa, John A. Donaldson

Faire du tourisme ethnique un avantage pour les pauvres (article en anglais sur Science Direct)