Eurocentrisme, capitalisme et connaissance du tourisme

Tourism Management - volume 70, février 2019
Publié le 14 septembre 2018

Titre original :

Eurocentrism, capitalism and tourism knowledge

Résumé :

Global hegemonic structures of power have been a subject of debate among social scientists for decades. However, issues addressing the ‘subjugation of the intellect’ and forces shaping knowledge production – globalisation, capitalism and neo-colonialism – remain understudied in tourism. Drawing upon critical theories of Eurocentrism and capitalism, in this paper we explore and address the ideological impacts of existing global power structures on the next generation of tourism ‘knowledge producers’ in Asia. More specifically, this work critically discusses the ontological and epistemological beliefs – and subsequent methodological choices – of a group of Asian PhD scholars. The empirical material presented in this paper highlights that persisting forms of Eurocentric ideology embedded in capitalist structures of power permeate non-Western academic circles.

Auteur(s) :

Sarah N. R. Wijesinghe, Paolo Mura, Harold John Culala

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