Le tourisme européen annonce une nouvelle année positive à la lumière de l'année du tourisme UE-Chine

ETC, le 9 mai 2018
Publié le 9 mai 2018

China continues to fuel arrivals growth across European destinations helped by its expanding middle class, increased air connectivity and easier visa procedures, altogether contributing significantly to the surge of outbound travel from this market.

More than one in two reporting destinations saw growth in Chinese tourists based on early data for 2018. Results, however, do not yet reflect actual market demand as volumes are mainly dependent on the relatively late Chinese New Year (February 2018).

Serbia (+254%) and Montenegro (+153%) reported fastest growth, although from a lower base, partly owing to significant improvements in visa facilitation. Croatia and Poland were up 46% and 30% respectively, aided by increased promotional activities. Finland (+21%) also saw sustained growth benefitting from Finnair's Asian strategy.

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