Hausse de 10% du nombre de passagers en avril 2018 sur la zone Asie-Pacifique et baisse de 2% sur le Moyen-Orient pour la même période selon ACI

ACI, le 11 juillet 2018
Publié le 11 juillet 2018

Hong Kong] Passenger traffic across Asia-Pacific airports recorded growth at +9.9% in April 2018 while a reduction of -2.4% was observed in the Middle East.

India led the Asia-Pacific region delivering growth at 20.4%, sustained by robust domestic demand. The domestic sector reported growth exceeding 20% for the third consecutive month, at +23.8% in April. Top volume drivers for the month were: Delhi (DEL) +16.8%, Bangalore (BLR) +46.1% and Mumbai (BOM) +12.8%. (Note: the significant growth in Bangalore (BLR) was a result of reduced operations during partial runway closure in 2017).

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