Croissance stable pour le secteur hôtelier européen d'après ETC

European Cities Marketing, le 11 juillet 2018
Publié le 11 juillet 2018

The latest ECM-MKG European Destinations Observatory report* points out that, in European cities, the Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)** experienced a 4.2% growth since the beginning of the year. The Occupancy Rate*** increased by 1.2 points and the Average Daily Rate (ADR)**** by 2.3%. Midscale and Upscale/Upper Upscale are on a dynamic trend with a RevPAR that rose respectively by 4.7% and 3.8% compared to last year. Overall, a growth can be observed throughout Europe, especially in the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Benelux and Eastern Europe.

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