+6,5 % de passagers dans les aéroports européens et +5,7 % pour le frêt en février 2018

ACI Europe, le 13 avril 2018
Publié le 13 avril 2018

European airport trade association, ACI EUROPE today releases its traffic report for February 2018, during which average passenger traffic in geographical Europe grew by +6.5% compared with the same month last year.

As in previous months, the non-EU market led the growth dynamic at +10.8%, on the back of Turkish airports increasing their passenger traffic by an impressive +17.5%. Gains were especially strong at airports in Georgia (+36%), Israel (+17.1%), Ukraine (+15.1%), Iceland (+11.7%) as well as in the smaller markets of FYROM (+21.8%), Bosnia-Herzegovina (+19.1%) and Montenegro (+17.2%).

Meanwhile, passenger traffic growth in the EU market expanded by +5.2% - the exact same growth pace as in January. Airports in the Eastern and Southern parts of the bloc along with Finland and Luxembourg significantly outperformed this average. Accordingly, the following capital city airports all registered double-digit growth in passenger traffic: Malta (+17.9%), Riga (+17.6%), Vilnius (+16.9%), Bratislava (+16.7%), Luxembourg (+16.1%), Budapest (+15.9%), Lisbon (+14.9%), Tallinn (+14.3%), Prague (+13.4%), Warsaw (+12.8%), Helsinki (+11.9%), Larnaca (+11%), Zagreb (+10.4%) and Ljubljana (+10.2%).

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