Tourisme, crise, catastrophe : une approche interdisciplinaire

Annals of Tourism Research, Volume 79, novembre 2019
Publié le 30 octobre 2019


A large proportion of the global tourism industry is highly exposed and vulnerable to environmental hazards and has over the last years been highly affected by subsequent disasters and crises. Tourism involves the interactions of organizations, people, and events in a variety of subsystems. The complexity of this interconnected system and the relatively early-stage of tourism-related crisis and disaster studies suggests that a dialogue between the tourism and the disaster risk research communities could be beneficial in order to share knowledge and define gaps regarding crisis and disaster affecting the tourism industry. Our study aims at giving directions to fill this gap by reviewing key contributions on crisis and disaster risk management and adopting a systematic approach to review the tourism-oriented literature on the topic. Grounding on the analysis of 113 relevant publications, this note describes how the literature has developed to this point and where the field seems to be heading in the future. The findings point towards a research agenda for the future.


Giuseppe Aliperti, Simone Sandholz, Michael Hagenlocher, Francesco Rizzi, Marco Frey, Matthias Garschagen

Tourisme, crise, catastrophe : une approche interdisciplinaire (article en anglais sur Science Direct)