Sont-ils tous fortuits ?

International Journal of Tourism Research, le 19 janvier 2018
Publié le 29 janvier 2018

Titre original :

Are they all “serendipitous”?

Résumé :

McKercher's cultural tourist typology (2002) has been used widely for destinations. This research began as a replication of McKercher; the current paper reports new insights. The aims are to examine the typology at New Zealand's Bay of Islands and modify it accordingly. Our modification provides improved understanding of the Serendipitous tourist. The relatively large number of Serendipitous tourists visiting the Bay of Islands suggested that they could be broken into 2 different groups, expanding McKercher's original 5 typologies into a conventional 2-by-3 matrix. “Serendipitous” remains a useful label for one group, and “Ancillary” was chosen for the newly identified subtype. Differences between them are explained.

Auteur(s) :

Takeyuki Morita, Charles Sumuel Johnston


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