Préférences des touristes pour la réservation d'hôtel

International Journal of Hospitality Management, Volume 92, janvier 2021
Publié le 27 octobre 2020


This paper analyzes tourists’ preferences for hotel booking mode using a sample of 17,921 tourists visiting a Northern Spanish region during 2005–2016. Four different booking modes are considered: telephone, the internet, travel agency and other non-market-based intermediaries. We estimate a Finite Mixture Multinomial Logit Model that allows us to define three classes of tourists. Our results show that leisure tourists coming from distant locations and lodged at luxury hotels have higher likelihood of online hotel booking in class 1. Travel agencies are preferred by offseason tourists with longer stays, while those travelling by public transit modes and staying at luxury hotels opt for non-market-based intermediaries in class 2. In class 3, first-time tourists choose the internet, telephone is more prevalent among those staying at economy hotels and travel agencies are preferred among those travelling in the offseason and by public transit modes.


DavidBoto-García, Emma Zapico, Marta Escalonilla, José F. Baños Pino

Préférences des touristes pour la réservation d'hôtel (en anglais sur Science Direct)