Les fausses nouvelles dans le secteur du tourisme : proposition de programme de recherche

Annals of Tourism Research, 11 février 209
Publié le 12 février 2019

Titre original :

‘Fake news’ meets tourism: a proposed research agenda

Résumé :

  • This essay represents the first piece of research investigating the recent phenomenon of ‘fake news’ in the travel and tourism context.
  • ‘Fake news’ is deeply rooted in the on-line availability and provision of information and the growth of social media usage.
  • The tourism industry is highly associated with the issue as information represents the foundation of travel and tourism products.
  • A large focus of research on this should consider, particularly, how consumers are impacted by ‘fake news’.
  • Important consumer issues such as ethical and security implications should also be considered.

Auteur :

Giancarlo Fedeli

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