Le tourisme est-il important pour mesurer la résilience des communautés ?

Annals of Tourism Research - Volume 89, juillet 2021
Publié le 14 mai 2021


As damage from natural hazards is increasing, quantifying community resilience is a top priority in enhancing communities' ability to prepare for and recover from disasters. This study examines the significance of tourism in measuring community resilience by proposing a tourism community resilience measurement model. To identify key tourism industries that significantly improve community resilience, this study also explores the spatially heterogeneous associations between the validated community resilience metric and tourism industry specialization across 67 counties in Florida. The results indicate that the tourism dimension is important in measuring community resilience and that specific tourism sectors, including amusements and spectator sports, are positively associated with community resilience. These findings can help community policymakers develop localized resilience enhancement strategies by considering tourism.


Eunjung Yang, Jinwon Kim, Lori Pennington-Gray, Kevin Ash

Does tourism matter in measuring community resilience? (sur Science Direct)