Innovation et performance des hôtels dans le contexte du Covid-19

Annals of Tourism Research - 25 février 2021
Publié le 26 février 2021


To navigate the unchartered terrain that has resulted from the pandemic, there is a palpable need for hotels to re-assess current business practices, and quickly devise new and innovative strategies that safeguard the health and safety of guests as well as employees and, consequently, restore consumer confidence. The objective of this article is to assess the utility of these new innovations by looking at shareholders' perceptions. The empirical application shows that the innovations implemented are seen as effective, although differential effects exist among innovation types. The results could help hotels sustain and expand the innovative responses that work (among which product innovations stand out), and discontinue those that are less effective.


Abhinav Sharma, Hakseung Shin, María Jesús Santa-María, Juan Luis Nicolau

HOTELS' COVID-19 innovation and performance (sur Science Direct)