Impacts du covid-19 sur les préférences des touristes en matière de destination : l'exemple de la Chine

Annals of Tourism Research - 16 juin 2021
Publié le 17 juin 2021


Using data of online ticket sales for attractions in the seven provinces of South Central China, this study focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on tourists’ destination preferences after the end of lockdown. Empirical results reveal that tourists’ destination preferences have changed significantly, which holds under a number of robustness checks. Specifically, we find that tourists avoid travelling to destinations with more confirmed cases of COVID-19 relative to their places of origin, especially Hubei Province, and prefer destinations close to home, especially local attractions. The empirical findings have significant implications for managers and policymakers in tourism and we provide potential mechanisms for these findings based on signaling, risk perception, and prospect theory.


Xun Li, Jian Gong, Baojun Gao, Peiwen Yuan

Impacts of covid-19 on tourists’ destination preferences: evidence from China (sur Science Direct)