Expérience étudiante mobile : la place du tourisme

Annals of Tourism Research - Volume 90, septembre 2021
Publié le 17 juin 2021


This paper reviews the conceptualisation of mobile student experience within tourism studies, sojourner adjustment studies, critical acculturation research, and mobilities research. Despite some useful contributions on “educational tourism”, the study of mobile student experience has largely been left to sojourner adjustment studies. However, recent critiques create opportunities for a reconceptualisation of mobile student experience, drawing upon tourism studies engaging with power relations, performativity, and practice. The paper proposes the “Place Practice” model of mobile student experience, synthesising these contributions and developing a more holistic and contextual conceptualisation of mobile student experience. This highlights the unfulfilled potential for tourism researchers to contribute to understanding student mobility, and other contemporary hybrid mobilities that do not conform to conventional disciplines and social domains.


Martin Selby

Mobile student experience: The place of tourism (sur Science Direct)