Covid-19 et la perception publique de l'assurance voyage

Annals of Tourism Research, 25 novembre 2020
Publié le 26 novembre 2020


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, travellers were predominantly under- or uninsured for their travel (Quantum Market Research, 2017, Quantum Market Research, 2018; Sarmon et al., 2020). This problem will likely be exacerbated when international travel resumes. Sarmon et al. (2020) report that only 12.8% of US-based travellers usually purchase travel insurance. A range of factors may explain traveller underinsurance, including risk framing, perceived immunity due to destination familiarity, and travellers' (mis)understanding of risks at the destination (Caponecchia & Tan, 2019). In this research note, we highlight the effects of reverse moral hazard resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and how stakeholders will have to devise new strategies to address this issue.


David Tan, Carlo Caponecchia

COVID-19 and the public perception of travel insurance (sur Science Direct)