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Royaume-Uni : Etude prospective sur les nouvelles tendances / Future trends report

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Visit Britain - Visit England

Visit Britain, juillet 2017

Publié le 13 juillet 2017

Thématique: Pratiques et produits, Marketing-Stratégies

Tourism is a booming industry in England in terms of job development and economic growth alike, with record tourism spend documented in recent years for both domestic and international travellers. However, there is still significant potential for future growth, not just in the capital but also in England’s regions, where of the £19.7bn spent in England in 2016 by international visitors, regional spend accounts for less than 40% of the total – especially in a context of travellers becoming more sophisticated in their demands, and expecting a more versatile tourism offer at their destination of choice.

While the scope for new tourism products that can drive international travellers to the other regions of England is considerable, their success will strongly depend on how well they fit in with current and in particular future consumer demands, attitudes and behaviours. In this report – which is based on trends expertise, robust data, real-life case studies, as well as opinions from tourism experts and traveller insights – we will outline the most important consumer trends to watch and highlight key nuances between demographic groups, which tourism products need to integrate into their design and development to be successful.

The trends we have selected are already relevant today but most importantly, will have a significant impact on how consumers will approach the travel journey in the next 5-10 years.

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