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Meliã Hotels : Résultats du premier trimestre 2017

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Meliã Hotels, septembre 2017

Publié le 20 septembre 2017

Thématique: Hébergement, Hôtellerie, Résultats financiers, Entreprises

Business performance
  • Total revenues grew by +6.8% (+€58.2M) vs H1 2016 as a result of the significant increases shown by RevPar +7.7% vs H1 2016 fully explained by prices.
  • EBITDA excluding asset rotation improved by +9.2%.
  • EPS for the period stood at €0.26 and increased by +34.0% vs H1 2016.
  • It is worth to mention that the results shown above have been negatively affected by the decision of the Company to use a synthetic exchange rate for the Venezuelan Bolivar/USD. This had a negative impact on revenues and EBITDA of -€7.6M and -€2.1M respectively. In addition, RevPar prior to this effect was +8.9%.
  • Sales through our direct channel,, increased by +19.6% vs H1 2016 on a global basis. This significant improvement is explained by the digitalization strategy implemented by the Company to adapt and compete in a more global industry.

Debt management
  • Net debt increased by +€31.4 during the first half of the year and reached €573.9M. However, in Q2 we managed to reduce it by -€47.7M, thus showing our commitment to keep a leverage ratio of between 2.0-2.5x.
  • Our financial result has been affected by the negative impact of exchange rates differences due to the evolution of the USD vs EUR during the last quarter, despite the improvement in financial costs given the decline in average interest rate vs H1 2016 (from 3.8% to 3.3%).

Development strategy
  • Our pipeline as of June 2017 stood at around 18k rooms (72 hotels), representing a 22.1% of the total portfolio and of which approx. 91% of them have been signed under management/franchise contracts.
  • YTD we have signed 19 hotels and expect to open 8 new hotels over the rest of the year.

Outlook 2017
  • We remain very positive for Q3, as this has been historically our strongest quarter. In this regard, we expect a significant increase in RevPar fully driven by prices in general terms and particularly in the Mediterranean region. On the other hand, the depreciation of Venezuela is having a negative impact on RevPAR. Even taking into consideration this latest effect, the Company keeps a high single digit RevPAR growth (7% to 8%) stance on the business.
  • Additionally, over the following quarters we expect the positive contribution of some hotels that have been closed due to refurbishments and improvements, as well as the latest portfolio additions that are still in ramp up, that will allow to improve both EBITDA and margins.
  • Due to the above, the Company feels comfortable with current Consolidated Ebitda consensus ( ex-capital gains) for 2017 (currently €311.3 million). Additionally, the Company expects to increase Consolidated Ebitda margins by 70 basis points.


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