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Les solutions pour la communication et le marketing intégré dans l'industrie du voyage

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Tourism Review - 12 novembre 2012

Publié le 12 novembre 2012

Thématique: Marketing-Stratégies

Grabbing customers' attention is always challenging, particularly for small and medium size travel businesses with limited marketing and advertising budgets.
There are basically two ways for increasing targeting traffic to the website. The first one, the most obvious one that does not require special knowledge, is online advertising, including well known context adverts or banners posting. Smart search engine optimization is another option allowing smaller tour operators or other inbound travel service providers to attract more targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo and even more from foreign search engines to company’s website. However, the search engine optimization (SEO) requires special knowledge and continuing attention in order to succeed in getting to the first positions of the best known search engines.
Tourism Review marketers, being aware of the online marketing issues for travel and tourism industry, have developed a brand new travel and tourism industry focused solutions for inbound travel service providers.

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