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La polarisation des voyageurs asiatiques / The polarisation of Asian travellers

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Sabre Labs 2017

Sabre, le 16 mars 2017

Publié le 20 mars 2017

Thématique: Tourisme international

Asia Pacific now leads as the world’s largest travel market and the number of those travelling has boomed. More significantly, attitudes towards travel have changed: four out of five Asian travellers feel travel is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

However, the fast-changing nature of the Asian traveller defies simplistic analysis. There is great diversity in who travels and how they travel. Fragmentation is one way to describe this, but it undermines the importance of recognising that people move across different occasions and that the ‘definition’ of their preferences needs flexibility.

In addition, the customer journey – the travel experience itself - is being reconfigured and expanded. Thanks to technology which allows us to do anything, anywhere, journeys are now more fluid, with many different phases more likely to emerge and merge. We can share as we experience; we can dream aboutwhat to do tomorrow whilst at the destination.

These dynamics are set within the broader context of a transforming travel landscape. Shifts in the macro, consumer and market environment are driving up potential for travel, resulting in new travel needs. Asian travellers are struggling with the complexity they now face: 52% feel there are too many options and there is too much information available today. Trip optimisation has become an increased priority as people’s appetites for travel have grown and their expectations increased. Travel has become the new social currency and Asian travellers want to make sure they get the best trip experience.

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