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Autriche : 2015, une année record pour le tourisme viennois / Record 2015 for Vienna tourism in Austria

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Eturbonews, le 25 janvier 2016

Publié le 25 janvier 2016

Thématique: Fréquentation pays, Tourisme urbain

Vienna's tourism industry can look back on its best year ever: 14.3 million visitor overnights, 5.9% more than in 2014, represent a new all-time high.

In 2015 Vienna once again achieved a record with 14.3 million visitor overnights - a result for the year that exceeds 2014's previous record by 5.9%. A total of 6.6 million arrivals were recorded, an increase of 6.1%. Over the period from December 2014 to December 2015, Vienna's accommodation capacity increased by 2,840 to 64,200 beds, whilst room occupancy was up to 72% (2014: 71%). Net room revenues recorded by the hospitality sector - currently calculated for January thru' November - saw a two-digit rise of 15.5% to 665,6 million euros. "Approximately 82% of Vienna's overnights in 2015 were international. Our strategy of reducing our dependence on individual markets and targeting specific growth and promising markets has paid off. The 150th anniversary of Vienna's Ringstrasse boulevard was Vienna's road to success in the literal sense of the word," according to Director of Tourism Norbert Kettner. His objective now is to increase Vienna's overnight figures to 18 million by 2020.
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