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ACI Europe : Augmentation du trafic de passagers de 8,7 % en août 2017 / Passenger traffic growth up 8.7% during August

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ACI Europe

ACI Europe, le 10 octobre 2017

Publié le 11 octobre 2017

Thématique: Aérien, Transport, Fréquentation , Tourisme international

European airport trade body, ACI EUROPE today releases its air traffic report for August. The report is the only industry report that includes all types of civil aviation passenger flights: full service, low cost and charter. It shows that during the peak month of August, passenger traffic at Europe’s airports grew by +8.7% - slightly less than in July (+9.6%) but still broadly in line with the dynamic trend of the previous months. This is the best August performance so far this century.

The easing in passenger traffic growth over the preceding month was mainly attributable to slower - but still impressive - growth at non-EU airports, with volumes increasing by +14.2% (+17.5% in July). Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian airports continued to make significant gains, along with airports in Israel, Georgia and Iceland. As a result, the performance of Keflavik and Tbilisi airports has been particularly impressive, with both airports reporting an increase in passenger numbers of over +60% in the past 2 years.

Meanwhile, EU airports maintained an almost consistent pace in passenger traffic growth at +7.2% (+7.6% in July). As in previous months, airports in the less mature aviation markets east of the bloc tended to outperform, along with Portugal, Luxembourg, Malta and Cyprus – with most of these airports achieving double digit growth.

Passenger traffic growth at the Majors (the Top 5 European hubs) also softened somewhat in August at +5.5% (+6.3% in July). Istanbul-Atatürk kept leading the league (+10.6%), resulting in the airport regaining the 4th position in terms of monthly volumes ahead of Frankfurt. Amsterdam-Schiphol posted the second best performance at (+6%), followed by Paris-CDG and Frankfurt (both at +5%) and capacity constrained London-Heathrow (+1.9%).

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